Terms and conditions

A simple policy

The account creation

Our pricing policy has been simplified at its maximum :

  • When you subscribe, you are offered a free account including a complete access to all application’s features. This free account allows you to create up to 25 shareable elements (project, invoice, quote, client, todo list, …). More informations about our plans.
  • When you have reach this threshold, you can :
    1. remain a free user : in that case, you cannot create more shareable elements but you keep a complete access to your data and you can modify it;
    2. become a charged user : you just have to change your account type and recharge your account from your customer area and you will be able to create more elements again. More informations about our plans here;
    3. ask for being related to another user : this feature is reserved to “Enterprise” account. This allows your payments to be in charge of another user (with his agreement of course). If some credits remain, they will be debited first. As soon as your credits are used up, credits will be debited from your related account. This function is available from your customer area. This allows big companies to centralize payments on an only account.

No commitment, no obligation of payment, no license, you stop whenever you want without losing yout data, you be back whenever you want whether you want.

The account life cycle

You recharge depending on your needs and you payment strategy.

The pricing is set at 10 EUR before tax per user and per month (“Independant” plan) or 30 EUR before tax (for the “Enterprise” plan. Please note that it is an introductory promotional offer which can be reconsidered later.

Payments can only be done in euros via the customer area, par credit card, Paypal, par cheque or bank transfer. In the 2 last cases, credits will be transferred when the payment will be registered on our bank account.

Email notifications

Once a month, you receive an email informing you about your credits amount depending on your activity during the month:

  1. if you haven’t used any application during the month, you are informed that no debit will be charged;
  2. if you have been connected at least at one application, (free applications like the customer area are not concerned), the payer – you or your related account – is debited of one credit (“Independant” plan) or three credits (“Enterprise” plan);
  3. if your credit are insufficient, you automatically become a free user again with free users restriction (limitation of the shareable elements number). You just have to recharge your account to get all capabilities rights back. When you log in, if your credits are used up, a warning message informs you that your access is limited.
You are informed by email when :
  • no paying access has been done during the month,
  • an invoice has been made out in your name ; you can load it in your customer area,
  • your credits (or your related account ones) are about to be used up for you to avoid losing the creation rights. You will be informed twice, 2 weeks before the expiry and le day before;
  • your account will be automatically destroyed because it is inactive for 1 year

The account removal

Inactive accounts with no credit are remained one year before being deleted. You are informed by email when your account is going to lapse. You just have to connect to your customer area or to an application to reactivate the account.

You can delete your account at any time. pay attention, for confidentially reasons we don’t keep any documents of our clients after deleting an account.

Any account deletion will cause a permanent and irremediable deletion of account data. Nevertheless, shared documents visible by other users are not deleted.

If credits remain when deleting, they will be lost.

Free, paying applications and billing

Free applications

Even for charged user, some applications are free.

The free application list is : client area.

Paying access

Charged used have done a paying access and will be credited for that access when a paying applications is loaded during the month and login has been successfull to this application.

Beware that automatic login (remember me checkbox) makes an auto login without asking you to explicitly sign in.

For free user, an application access is never a paying access.

When you have done a paying access, your account will be charged for one (“Independant”) or 3 (“Enterprise”) credits if your credit balance is sufficentlty provisionned. Else you will be considered as a Free used with the restrictions applying to free users.

Viewing your account movements

At any time you can verify all movments applying to your account. A movment is :

  1. a recharge of the account,
  2. a debit for your account,
  3. a debit for one of your related account if any.

Check your account movments.


Billing is done one time a month. If a recharge has been done, an invoice is generated and is available for download in your client area. This client area’s section is available only for paying user (“Independant” or “Enterprise” plan).

Download your invoices.


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