Security and confidentiality

Clouderial is conscious and extremely respectful of the confidentiality of his client’s data. In any circumstances and in any way they will be communicated to a third party.

The applications on Clouderial are equipped with a document sharing function which is useful to work in acollaborative way. By default this function is disabled (then the documents are available only for their author). When activated, a checking function allows you to check who can see what in any time. This documents sharing can only be activated by a specific user (named administrator). 2 ways of sharing are defined: read-only or writing access. Then you manage what is shown and what can be changed by your partners.

Security is a key-value for Clouderial because there is no confidentiality without security. In the light of this,

  • no employee in Clouderial will ever ask you your password nor a credit card number.
  • Password are encrypted on the client’s computer and never circulate in clear. The employees in Clouderial don’t have any access to your password. If you lose it, you can ask for a temporary new one which will be sent to your email address,
  • all exchanges are encrypted: you can notice that the protocol is always ‘https’. The browsers inform you about the encryption with a green padlock in the address bar. Example with Chrome : . Its presence is the sign that exchanges are encrypted and can’t be intercepted,
  • protocols of security used for authentication are standard protocols and are carried out professionally. They include in particular a single-use ticket system which guarantees that even in case of interception, the login wouldn’t be usurped.
  • Numbers of credit card are not stored at Clouderial’s. Payments are made on our bank partner’s secure platform. Payment by Paypal is also possible.
  • Monitoring technological development is assured at Clouderial to keep an eye on potential security weaknesses and deal with as soon as possible.

The only secure computer is one that is turned off, locked in a safe, and buried twenty feet down in a secret location— and I’m not completely confident of that one, either.

 Bruce Schneier – internationally renowned security technologist

Before to reach such a point, if security is an issue to set up the SaaS, contact us. We have got solutions…

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