Doing a quote or an invoice online

The “Quote and invoice” application

This application allows you to establish your invoices and your quotes and to share them with your clients.

Mere data capture thanks to bank of calculation, possibility of personalize the appearance via a template solution which can entirely being modified, follow-up of the status, duplication of quotes and invices to de devis et de factures accelerate the initialization of similar quotes/invoices, visualization and dowlowding, share with the client client, initialization of invoices based on project’s expenses … Here is an outline of all available features of this application.

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Features of the online invoice application

Import invoicable expenses

This feature permits you to initialize an invoice from a project expenses in one click. If your invoice is associated to a project, you can import all expenses that are taggued as “invoicable” from the project.

Duplicate a quote

You can create and initialize an invoice from the duplication of a quote. In 1 click, your invoice is ready for transmission to your contact.

Of course, after this initialisation, vous have the possibility to add, modify or delete some invoice”s lines.

Transmit the invoice

The transmission of the invoice is done by easily selectionning the action ” Send to addressee“. A popup opens in which you can enter an message and the email address. In the default behaviour, this email address is filled with the client email address if the project linked to the invoice is linked to a client.

If sharing with the client has not been configured, a message invites you to do such configuration. Else the client will not be able to see its invoice. You can see videos on this purpose (in french) : how to share documents.

Is it possible to pay the invoice online ?

This application don’t allow to pay the invoice online. You still control the invoice’s payment, the cashing and eventually the reflations.

Commons features

The template customization

This feature is available for quote and for invoice. It permits you to customize the document template to generate the PDF. Customization can be done in two ways:

  1. simply modify the logo, the colors, the font , the footer, payment terms and your bank informations,,
  2. or update totally the structure of the template. This feature needs development skills to be achieved (html, Freemarker et Mpdf).

During the customization, you can always preview the changes. Sample datas are generated, so you can verify the generated PDF before it is applied to real quotes or invoices.

Association with a project

Associating an invoice or a quote to a project, permits to avoid all double entry which can lead to mistakes. You can initialize all the project’s expenses from a quote and once the project is finished, you can generate the invoice directly from the project’s expenses.

If the project is linked to a client, the client informations (billing address, contact name, …) are used to initialize the quote or the invoice. You will never have to re-enter informations already given to another application.

Share with the recipient

Invoice or quote sharing follows the same concepts that all other documents in Clouderial’s applications. The following article shows you how to share a document and how to configure the sharing feature (in french).

Write a quote online

Estimate your project using abacus

Estimation abacus are pre-programmed and re-usables tables which permits a very easy and fast quotation. The application permits you to :

  1. create abacus with the help of an integrated editor,
  2. create quote lines from those abacuses,
  3. supersede automatically calculated values to fit specifics needs.

Edit the quote

The application permits to insert lines in 2 ways :

  1. by a simple line creation in which you give the number of item, the unit price, a label, …
  2. by integration of an estimation abacus. Cf. above.

You have the possibility to enter lines that are proportional to the total of the other lines of the type (hourly, supply or other). These lines are automatically recalculated whenever a row of the same type is changed or inserted. For example, if you want to add a line that is 15% of the sum of the lines of type “Supply” (a warranty line for example), just check the “percentage box” !

Lines inserted from abacus can also be an percentage line.

Accept the quote

Once share with the recipient, he has the possibility to accept the quote. You and the recipient are notified by email that the quote has been accepted and that the work can begin.

An accepted quote cannot be further modified.

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