Marianne Loedel’s web site

Marianne Loedel’s web site

Web pages presenting Marianne Loedel’s activities, translator.

Our work : study, design, production start and maintenance.


  • IT JQuery, Javascript, html5, css3
  • DATE Janvier 2013
  • URL
  • Redesign of web site of Ticero Traductions

  • Atipa Courtier’s extranet

  • Marianne Loedel’s web site

  • Website for the “Mortage loan” branch of Atipa

  • Intranet Atipa Courtier

  • Website for the “Wealth management / Tax exemption” branch of Atipa

  • Website for the “Credit repurchase” branch of Atipa

  • Website for the “Estate broker” branch of Atipa