Online task management

The “Task” application

This application permits you to manage your tasks and your actions lists (todo list).

You visualize in an unique list, ordered by priority, all your tasks (coming from project) and your actions. Priorisation is done automatically depending the urgency and importance of your task.

You can link your tasks with project’s expenses. In that case, the input of work done and work to be done updates automatically the project’s expense. This permits you to separate your expenses into many tasks affected to different actors.

You can also manage your task as independent actions.

Each task can be affected to an actor. You define the workload planned, performed and pending.

An enhanced filter permits you to list the tasks with criterias as : my task, task affected to me, tasks for project xxx, …

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Key features

Create and organize the tasks

You create your tasks in 2 ways :

  1. directly from the “Task” application,
  2. from the “Project” application in the “Expenses” tab. The created task will be directly linked to the project’s expense.

On each task you precise its importance (“low”, “Medium”, “High”) and its urgency on the same 3 levels scale.

The priority on each task is then automatically calculated as the product of the importance and the urgency (we suppose that value for “Low” is 1, value for “Medium” is 2 and value for “High” is 3).

By default, the list is displayed by a priority order and by end date if the field is valued. The first tasks displayed are then always in treatment order.

Assign tasks to actors

You assign the tasks to the actors. If those actors have an Clouderial’s account, they will be notified by email that a new task has been assigned.

You can then filter ou order the list of tasks regarding the actor.

Associate to a project

This function permits you to associate a task to a project’s expense. This is usefull to break down an expense into many tasks assignated to one or many actors.

Note that, the choosen expense must be a “Timed” expense in order to be breakable into tasks.

Once a project’s expense has been broken into many tasks, the workload management (planned, performed, …) is done directly on the tasks. The expense is automatically updated according to the evolution of the tasks. It is not possible to edit project’s expense directly.

Update the workload values

If the task is associated with a project’s expense, you have access to the “Edit workload performed” and “Record a start of work” functions.

Those functions are working exactly as those founded on the project’s expense.

Schedule your alerts

2 types of alerts can be scheduled on each task :

  1. a email notification when task is modified: so you can follow all modifications done by your team on the task,
  2. reminder when the due date for the task approach.

Those parameters are available in the modification page of each task.

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