New extensions for your domains name proposed by ICANN until end of 2013

ICANN will propose rapidly new extensions (the famous TLDs : Top Level Domain) for your web site domain name. This is certainly an important internet évolution that will have impact on SEO. OVH (a French ISP) give the following list to their clients :

.abogado .academy .accountant .actor .ads .adult .africa .agency .alsace .amsterdam .analytics .android .apartments .app .aquitaine .arab .archi .army .art .associates .attorney .auction .audio .auto .autos .baby .band .bank .banque .bar .barcelona .bargains .baseball .basketball .bayern .bcn .beauty .beer .berlin .best .bet .bid .bike .bingo .bio .black .blackfriday .blog .blue .boats .boo .book .booking .boston .bot .boutique .box .broadway .broker .brussels .budapest .build .business .buy .buzz .bzh .cab .cafe .cal .call .cam .camera .camp .capetown .capital .car .cards .care .career .careers .cars .casa .cash .casino .catalonia .catering .catholic .center .ceo .channel .charity .chat .cheap .christmas .church .circle .city .claims .cleaning .click .clinic .clothing .cloud .club .coach .codes .coffee .college .cologne .company .compare .computer .condos .connectors .construction .consulting .contact .contractors .cooking .cool .corp .corsica .country .coupon .coupons .credit .cricket .cruises .cymru .dad .dance .data .dating .day .dds .deal .dealer .deals .delivery .democrat .design .dev .diamonds .diet .digital .direct .directory .discount .diy .docs .doctor .dog .doha .dot .download .drive .dubai .durban .dvr .earth .eat .eco .ecom .education .email .energy .engineer .engineering .enterprises .equipement .esq .estate .eus .events .exchange .expert .exposed .express .faith .family .fan .fans .farm .fashion .feedback .film .final .fire .fish .fishing .fit .fitness .flights .florist .flowers .fly .foo .food .football .forex .forsale .forum .foundation .free .fun .fund .furniture .futbol .fyi .gallery .game .garden .gay .gent .gift .gifts .gives .giving .glass .global .gmbh .gold .golf .graphics .gratis .green .grocery .group .guide .guitars .guru .hair .halal .hamburg .hangout .haus .health .healthcare .heart .help .helsinky .here .hiphop .hiv .hockey .holdings .holiday .home .homes .horse .hospital .host .hosting .hot .hotel .hotels .house .how .idn .immo .immobilien .inc .industries .ing .ink .institute .insurance .international .investments .ira .irish .islam .istanbul .jewelry .joburg .juegos .justforu .kaufen .kids .kim .kitchen .kiwi .kosher .kyoto .land .latino .law .lawyer .lds .lease .legal .lgbt .life .lifeinsurance .lifestyle .lighting .limited .limo .link .live .living .loans .lol .london .lotto .love .ltd .luxe .luxury .madrid .mail .maison .management .map .market .marketing .mba .med .media .medical .meet .melbourne .meme .memorial .men .menu .miami .mls .mobile .moda .moe .moi .mom .money .moscow .moto .mov .movie .music .nagoya .navy .network .news .ngo .ninja .now .nrw .nyc .off .okinawa .one .ong .online .open .organic .osaka .page .paris .pars .partners .parts .party .patch .pay .persiangulf .pets .pharmacy .phd .phone .photography .photos .physio .pictures .pid .pin .ping .pink .pizza .place .play .plumbing .plus .poker .porn .press .prime .prod .productions .promo .properties .property .protection .pub .quebec .racing .radio .raid .read .realestate .realtor .realty .recipes .red .rehab .reit .rent .rentals .repair .report .republican .rest .restaurant .retirement .reviews .rich .rio .rip .rocks .rodeo .room .rsvp .rugby .run .saarland .safe .safety .sale .salon .sarl .sas .save .scholarships .school .schule .science .search .secure .security .select .services .sex .sexy .shia .shoes .shop .shopping .show .silk .singles .site .ski .smile .soccer .social .software .solar .solutions .song .soy .spa .space .sport .sports .spot .spreadbetting .srl .stockholm .storage .store .stream .stroke .studio .study .style .supplies .supply .support .surf .surgery .swiss .sydney .systems .taipei .talk .tatar .tatoo .taxi .team .tech .technology .tennis .thai .theater .theatre .tickets .tienda .tips .tires .tirol .today .tokyo .tools .top .tour .tours .town .toys .trade .trading .training .translations .tube .vacations .ventures .versicherung .vet .viajes .video .villas .vin .vip .vision .vlaanderen .vodka .vote .voting .voto .voyage .wales .web .webcam .website .wedding .whoswho .wiki .win .wine .work .wow .xyz .yoga .yokohama .you .zero .zip .zone .zuerich


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