Online client management

The “Client” application

This application allows you to deal with your customer management online.

In its first version, this application merely allows to declare your clients. This way you establish your clients database. The informations from this file can then be used in the other applications.

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Declare your clients

You easyli enter your clients and their informations:

  1. identification,
  2. contact,
  3. mailing address,
  4. invoice informations (address and recipient)

Share your file

The sharing feature acts at the client level. You can also choose to share a client or a particulary group of clients with your co-workers or suppliers for example.

Use client informations in other applications

The declared clients can be used in the “Project” application to link a project to a client. So, you can search your project by clients and all quotes or invoices of this project are also linked to the client. Client’s datas are then automatically retrieved to initialize some of the quote or invoice’s fields.

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No commitment

no commitment, you stop whenever you want without losing yout data.

On usage payment

You only pay if you use.

One free version

A full access to all features for an unlimited time without commitment.

designed for freelance

A freelance mode has been designed for independant workers.

The SaaS mode (Software as a Service)


Applications are made for being used with all types of support equiped with an Internet browser : Smart-phone, office PC, touchpad, personal equipment, your applications automatically adapt themselves to the equipment they run on.

Accessible from anywhere

Your applications and your data are accessible from partout: in case of mobile environment, at the office or at home. You just need an Intenet access to be operational.

Immediatly available

Without any installation, configuration or complexe activation. To get access to our application, a simple sign-in with your email is necessary. You're up and running within 5 minutes !


With the help of simple tags (marks on document), you share your documents with your clients, suppliers or co-workers. Our two control functions permits you to restrain and verify "who can see what".


Aware that your data deserves maximum security, our applications run on the infrastructure of the best cloud providers. More information about security and confidentiality.

Very low TCO

You only paid if you use, there is no hardware investment, no software licenses to buy, no human needs for operating or maintenance and very low cost at use. The SaaS model changes heavy investments (CAPEX) into user charges.

More information on SaaS mode advantages.