First birthday ! A big surprise is coming

First birthday ! A big surprise is coming

For its first birthday, Clouderial is building a big suprise for its customer ! Keep in touch and don’t miss the event. Jean-Marc

News: export your lists into csv file

The Clouderial’s applications offers now a new feature permitting to export your tables into a csv file, compatible with all spreadsheet applications (Excel, …). The lists (tasks, projects, invoice, …) are now provided with an “Export” button which look like this :  When you click this button, a csv file will be downloaded to your […]

News : the Forum is up !

Le forum is now up. It is hosted by Google. You can access it at this URL: The Clouderial’s forum. You will find there some assistance and answers to your questions. The first time you access the forum, you will be asked to register by clicking the appropriate link (in the top of the page). […]

A new application for your tasks, actions and todo list management

A new application has been deployed. It permits you to manage your tasks, your actions and your todo lists directly from the Clouderial’s interface. This application is interconnected with the “Project” application. You can then divide your project’s expense into tasks and assign them to your users. Some videos demonstrating the application will be available […]

Publication : project estimation using abacus

A post on the excellent « Blog Gestion de Projet » relative to the project estimation using the abacus method. Comments are welcome directly on the blog site : Comment bien utiliser les abaques de chiffrage pour l’évaluation de vos projets?   The « blog gestion de projet » (BGDP) proposes some valuable content for project manager and every person […]

Notice : the Clouderial’s web site changes its design !

More professional, more functional, more likely, more responsive, the design of our website has been completely revised while you were at the beach. The whole team is looking forward to having your early feedback. Feel free to make comments / suggestions or criticisms in the form of comments.

Publication : newspapers wrote about us

Read the press release announcing our application: Du neuf dans la gestion de projet en ligne : la solution Clouderial.

(fr) Video : “create and initialize a project” and “project following using indicators”

Publication de 2 vidéos sur notre chaîne Youtube afin d’apprendre à créer et à initialiser un projet et comment suivre un projet à l’aide des indicateurs. Les aspects abordés sont : méthode de suivi de projet, analyse de la courbe en S, analyse des indicateurs d’avancement et de progression.

(fr) Notice: “Project” application update: the indicators

L’application “Project” passe en V1.3.0. Ajout de la fonctionnalités “Indicateurs” (ou KPI). Cette fonctionnalité permet de suivre l’avancement de son projet par l’intermédiaire des courbes suivante : Courbe en S (“mon projet va-t-il tenir sa date de fin ?”), courbes de dépassement / marge (“mon projet va-t-il respecter le budget ?”) et courbe de progression […]

(fr) Publication : Clouderial is interviewed in “Projet Icone”

Publication d’un article dénommé “Passage au Cloud computing : quels intérêts pour les PME ?” sur le site RH “Projet Icone“. Par cet article, nous démontrons notre connaissance du marché et du Cloud en général et nous instaurons une nouvelle façon de communiquer. Comme d’habitude, vos remarques / suggestions et commentaires seront les bienvenus.