First birthday ! A big surprise is coming

First birthday ! A big surprise is coming

For its first birthday, Clouderial is building a big suprise for its customer ! Keep in touch and don’t miss the event. Jean-Marc

News: export your lists into csv file

The Clouderial’s applications offers now a new feature permitting to export your tables into a csv file, compatible with all spreadsheet applications (Excel, …). The lists (tasks, projects, invoice, …) are now provided with an “Export” button which look like this :  When you click this button, a csv file will be downloaded to your […]

News : the Forum is up !

Le forum is now up. It is hosted by Google. You can access it at this URL: The Clouderial’s forum. You will find there some assistance and answers to your questions. The first time you access the forum, you will be asked to register by clicking the appropriate link (in the top of the page). […]