Online project management

The “Project” application

Managing its projects online permits to have an access everywhere and every time to up-to-date informations. All the Excel sheets that populate the life of the project manager and that must be permanently modified are replaced with a unique centralised tool, always up-to-date and shared with the appropriate persons.

This application allows you to create your projects, to organize them by clients, enter the budget and forecast costs, update the advancement via simple but effective time tracking functions and follow the progress of the project through graphical indicators.

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Key features

Follow the graphical indicators

At each update of the project’s progress, you can store the current state. This memorization provides access to time charts allowing you to graphically control the progress of your project.

Charts available are classic in project management: the S-curve, the overhead and margin curve  and progress curves.


The S-curve


The overhead / margin curve


The advancement curve

The time tracking

You periodically enter the workload spend (realised) and the workload left on each expense created on the project. It can be done in 3 ways :

  • on a global way changing the corresponding line of  expense,
  • by declaring the time spend on the expense. The time spend will then be added to the time already completed and the pending workload just overwrite the previous one,
  • by recording a starting work load and after the end of activity. The delta time recorded between the start and end is added to the current realised workload.

Calculate the profitability

After entering the budget and all planned workloads, the application will show you the profitability of your project in % and in absolute value. During your project, you then follow the evolution of the profitability of the project to early anticipate any gaps.



Enter the project budget

You initialize the project budget by entering budget lines manually or by an automatic importing an quote accepted by a client. The automatic mode allows you save time by avoiding all duplicate entries between the estimate and the budget. At each new amendment (for example) you simply add a budget line with the corresponding amount. The profitability of the project is instantly updated to reflect the new reality.

Managing the project expenses

You represent all costs of a project and whether it is refundable or not. When editing invoices, all refundable charges are automatically included. The loads are measured with four values: planned workload (what you plan to spend) the realised workload (which has already been made), the pending workload (the remaining charge to be made), the revised (total workloading = realised+ pending). These four values ​​are controled all along the project and stored at each point of progress.

Linking to a client

The projects are eventually linked to a client. This permits to have, on project level and on the invoices and quotes level, all client informations avoiding any double entries and therefore spreads update.

Following the progress of the project

The following of the project advancement consists in updating all expenses with realized and pending workload by using the time-tracking features. If needed, you can also update the budget lines.

At each change, a synthesis of your project is updated automatically.


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